2014 Toyota Sienna w/ ElDorado Amerivan Conversion

Setting new standards for quality engineering, creative design and meticulous craftsmanship, the Amerivan provides practical solutions to today’s mobility challenges. The Amerivan is built to last, just like their legendary bus products. In fact, they’re the only lowered-floor minivan you can buy with an all stainless steel floor. ElDorado’s sturdy aluminum power fold-out ramp features… [More]

2014 Toyota Blue Amerivan (12)_001

2014 Toyota Sienna w/ BraunAbility Power XT Conversion

BraunAbility Toyota Power XT Wheelchair Van Built on the new 2014 Toyota Sienna chassis, the side-entry Power XT offers the same accessibility and convenience of any BraunAbility vehicle, all in a more streamlined package. The re-design of this popular chassis includes a sleek exterior and impressive interior options. The van’s automatic kneeling system lowers the rear… [More]


2014 Honda Odyssey EX-L w/ VMI Northstar Conversion

Honda Odyssey Northstar The Honda Northstar wheelchair-accessible minivan delivers both space and style with generous headroom, more floor length and a top-rated design. The ramp is stowed below the floor, offering a clean, obstacle-free interior and greater safety in the event of a collision. Features of these new and used conversion vans include: Most headroom… [More]


2014 Chrysler Town & Country Touring w/ BraunAbility Entervan Conversion

Designed and engineered for the best in safety and reliability, it’s really no wonder the Dodge/Chrysler Entervan has been the star of the BraunAbility fleet for over 20 years. This classic conversion is easy to operate and offers a spacious interior for greater maneuverability. The Entervan features a power auto-kneel system, lowered driver side sliding… [More]


2013 Toyota Sienna SE w/ BraunAbility Rampvan XT Conversion

  The all-new Toyota Sienna with the Rampvan conversion offers the same accessibility and convenience of all BraunAbility vehicles in a sporty, streamlined package. The bold, new attitude of this popular vehicle is a refreshing take on the traditional minivan. With more visibility, maneuverability and a gentler ramp slope, the latest Rampvan is an impressive… [More]

2013 Toyota Braun Silver (3)_001

2013 Dodge Grand Caravan w/ VMI Northstar Conversion

The Dodge Northstar wheelchair-accessible minivan has a fully-powered, slide-out ramp that creates an uncluttered interior and obstruction-free doorway. With noise-minimizing engineering and an obstacle-free front row, the Dodge Northstar offers a pleasant ride with an affordable price. Features of these new and used conversion vans include: In-floor ramp benefits for the best value High ground… [More]

2013 Dodge Grand Caravan Northstar Red (10)_001

2003 Ford E-350 w/ Nor-Cal Plus Conversion

The Ford E-Series Van has been the number one full-sized van for lowered floor conversions since the 1980’s. A lowered floor can offer a wheelchair user the opportunity to drive from their wheelchair. Another benefit of a lowered floor over a raised roof is the convenience in everyday driving and parking. Nor-Cal PLUS Full 6″… [More]