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Sell Your Vehicle

At R & J Mobility Service, we offer several options for you to sell your vehicle.

  • Trade-In your vehicle; we accept all types of vehicles for trade, including non-adapted vehicles.
  • Consignment Program; our 90-day consignment program allows you to recapture a larger portion of the vehicle value. The vehicle will need to be inspected and may need some repairs before being put on consignment. The vehicle will be in our possession until sold, or the agreement expires and is not renewed. You will know up front the amount you’ll receive when your vehicle is sold.
  • We will offer to buy your vehicle outright at a wholesale value. Some people find this option attractive because they don’t want the hassle of advertising and showing the vehicle. They also don’t want to wait the length of time it takes to sell the vehicle.
Submit your contact information and information about the vehicle you want to sell/consign. One of our knowledgeable mobility consultants will then contact you as soon as possible to assist you.
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